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Top Quality Standby Generators, Safe Rooms, Bathroom Remodeling, and Other Home Upgrades Provided by Tri-State Water, Power, and Air


At Tri-State Water, Power, and Air, we strive to provide home upgrades that improve the quality of our customers’ lives. Whether you need a standby generator, water softener system, safe room, bathroom renovation, tankless water heater, or another home product, we’ve got you covered. Founded in 1992, we built a reputation on excellent service, which has allowed us to expand beyond our office in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to serve tens of thousands of homeowners in Fenton, MO; Longview, TX; Little Rock, AR; and many areas in between.

The goal at Tri-State is to give the homeowners we serve peace of mind and a sense of comfort in their homes. Whether that means installing a whole house generator to provide a reliable source of power in the event of an outage or building a safe room to provide a secure shelter in case of severe weather events, we always go above and beyond for our customers. For homeowners who live in areas susceptible to severe weather and other natural disasters, our generators and safe rooms allow them to rest easy, as these products include premium features and carry industry-leading satisfaction ratings and warranties. We understand that when it comes to products that are intended to keep our customers’ families safe, there is simply no substitute for quality and reliability.

Additionally, Tri-State can create a luxurious escape in your home with a bathroom remodel. Whether you’d like to simply update the aesthetics of your bathroom with a beautiful shower surround; have a spacious walk in tub installed for safer, more enjoyable bathing; or invest in a complete top-to-bottom bathroom renovation; you can trust Tri-State to provide customized service and outstanding workmanship.

Have a Premium Water Softener, Tankless Hot Water Heater, and Detergentless Laundry System Installed to Improve the Quality of Your Home’s Water

Water Treatment

Your home is a place where you and your family should be able to relax and feel completely comfortable and secure. At Tri-State Water, Power, and Air, we offer a full suite of home enhancements that help homeowners do exactly that. Not only do we install safety upgrades, such as standby generators and safe rooms to protect families during a disaster, but we also provide products designed to improve the quality of the most essential resource in our customers’ homes – their water. For example, we can install a water treatment system in your home to eliminate hard water. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately after your water softener is installed, as you’ll enjoy pure, fresh-tasting drinking water straight from the tap, cleaner-feeling skin after bathing, less hard-to-clean soap scum and mineral deposits in sinks and tubs, and numerous other benefits.

What’s more, we can install a tankless hot water heater, which will provide an endless supply of hot water on demand, so no one in your family will ever be left taking a cold shower again. And, we can install a detergentless laundry system, so that you can clean your family’s clothing without harsh chemicals that can irritate skin or deteriorate fabrics.

No matter what kind of upgrade you’d like for your home, turning to Tri-State will ensure you receive exceptional service and an incredible value for your investment. We offer comprehensive consultations and complimentary services, such as water testing and energy needs assessments, and provide expert guidance on which products are best suited to your needs and budget.

Why wait to make your home a safer, more comfortable place for you and your family? Contact Tri-State Water, Power, and Air today to learn more about our products, including our generators, water softeners, shower surrounds, walk in tubs, tankless water heaters, safe rooms, and even solar panels.

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