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Detergentless Laundry Systems

Cleaner clothes with the mere thought of a detergentless laundry system is hard to comprehend. After all, in traditional laundry systems, detergent is the key agent that gets dirty clothes clean again. However, times have changed and the ability to do laundry without using hot water, detergent, fabric softener, or bleach is now a reality. At Tri-State Water, Power & Air, we can provide you with the revolutionary systems needed to make this all possible in your home.

Tri-State Water, Power & Air - Detergentless Laundry SystemsTri-State Water, Power & Air - Detergentless Laundry Systems

The state-of-the-art detergentless laundry system that we proudly install comes from RainSoft, one of the most innovative water filtration and water softening companies in the industry. Now, RainSoft has once again produced an absolutely amazing product called CleanStart that can help you get your clothes cleaner while also helping you to reduce your impact on the environment.

CleanStart works by turning cold water into a powerful cleaning agent. Before the water enters the washing machine the water goes through an oxidation process in which a controlled amount of ozone is introduced through a Venturi injector. The oxidized water, when agitated in the washing machine, will fold into the clothes you wash and open up their fabrics, providing a more efficient and disinfecting wash.

For information about our revolutionary detergentless laundry system, contact us today. Also, be sure to ask about the other water filtration and softening systems that provide cleaner, healthier water to use for cooking, bathing, and, purified laundry. Why Wait! 877-301-7963

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