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Tri-State Water, Power, and Air Offers Top-of-the-Line Home Water Softener Systems in Belleville, IL

Home Water Softener Belleville, IL

Homeowners in Belleville, Illinois, are all too familiar with hard water and its irritating effects on their home lives. Rife with minerals and other impurities, hard water causes dull hair after bathing, cloudiness on clean dishes, stiff-feeling laundry, and, perhaps worst of all, foul-tasting tap water. At Tri-State Water, Power, and Air, we can eliminate hard water in your home once and for all by installing a home water softener.

RainSoft Water Softeners

Tri-State is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional value on home upgrades. When it comes to home water softener systems, we install products from RainSoft – an industry leader. These products have energy-efficient power supplies to keep costs low, self-cleaning valves to ensure excellent water pressure, and fail-safe features to prevent overflows. One of Tri-State’s trained water treatment specialists will begin your project by performing a free water test and recommending the ideal system to meet your needs. And, you can have complete peace of mind that your investment is protected because RainSoft water treatment products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Our Water Softeners

A home water softener will result in cleaner-feeling skin and shinier hair after bathing, soft-feeling clothing out of the dryer, and sparkling clean dishes. Of course, you’ll also get to enjoy pure-tasting water straight from the tap, saving you money that you’d otherwise have to spend on bottled water or disposable water filters. Additionally, water softeners prevent scale in piping, which prevents your water-using appliances from breaking down prematurely and allows them to run more efficiently.

Learn more about the benefit of having a water softener installed at your home in Belleville, IL, by contacting Tri-State Water, Power, and Air today.

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