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House Generators that Provide Industry-Leading Reliability for Homes in Texarkana, TX

House Generators Texarkana TX

If you’re researching house generators and are trying to decide which one is best for your home in Texarkana, Texas, reliability is probably your number one criteria. After all, a generator mostly sits idle, so you want to be sure that you select a system that will be ready to supply power when you need it most. At Tri-State Water, Power, and Air, we provide the industry’s most reliable generators along with expert installation services to ensure you’re always able to maintain power to your home during an outage.

Built to Provide Long-Lasting Performance

Tri-State generators are packed with advanced features, including:

  • A durable, rust-resistant casing to protect the system from the elements
  • A system that automatically performs weekly self-diagnostic checks
  • An automatic transfer switch to activate the generator immediately after a power failure occurs

To provide our customers with peace of mind, Tri-State offers a 10-year warranty – twice what most other companies offer. We even have experienced technicians standing by 24/7 who can assist you if you ever experience a problem with your generator.

What’s more, Tri-State offers a variety of generators to suit the unique needs and budgets of our customers. For example, our systems can run on natural gas or propane and are available in a wide range of capacities. Whether you’d simply like to keep your lights and HVAC system on during an outage or you want a generator that can power your entire home, we have the right option for you.

For more information about the house generators that Tri-State Water, Power, and Air installs in Texarkana, TX, contact us today.

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