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Remove Impurities from the Water in Your Texarkana Home with a House Water Filter

House Water Filter Texarkana, TX

The water in Texarkana, Texas, is rife with impurities, such as calcium and magnesium. And, while they are not harmful to your health, you’ve surely noticed the adverse effects this water has on your home life. For example, you probably waste money on bottled water or temporary water filters each month because your tap water is undrinkable. You may also waste time scrubbing stubborn mineral spots off clean dishes and soap scum out of your tub. Perhaps worst of all, you may be dealing with dry, irritated skin and dull-looking hair after bathing. Fortunately, there’s a single solution for all of your water woes – turn to Tri-State Water, Power, and Air for a house water filter.

High-Performance House Water Filter Systems

To ensure our customers receive the best value for their investment and rid their homes of water impurities for good, we offer house water filters from the highly regarded manufacturer RainSoft. By filtering out the vast majority of minerals and other impurities, your house water filter will improve the water quality throughout your home, including your drinking water. And, because our products are from RainSoft, they’ll have best-in-class features, including:

  • An energy-efficient power supply to keep operating costs low
  • Fail-safe components to prevent overflows
  • Self-cleaning valves to ensure you always have excellent water pressure

At Tri-State, we’re water treatment specialists with more than 25 years of experience and a long-standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can count on receiving exceptional service and expert installation. And, for your peace of mind, we’ll even pass along RainSoft’s incredible lifetime warranty.

Learn more about the benefits of having a house water filter installed in your Texarkana, home by contacting Tri-State Water, Power, and Air today and scheduling your free water test.

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