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Tornado Shelters / Safe Rooms

Tornado shelters and safe rooms are two investments that many homeowners are making to help ensure the protection of their families against tornadoes and other severe weather. As we know, there is usually very little warning before a tornado strikes, and we often have only a few minutes to seek safety after tornado sirens alert us to an approaching severe storm system.

At Tri-State Water, Power & Air, we understand that you want a safe, secure place to go when sever weather strikes. That’s why we’re proud to offer in-ground, fiberglass tornado shelters and durable, steel safe rooms.

There are many reasons to choose our tornado shelters and safe rooms for your home:

Tornado shelters

  • They are available in sizes that accommodate 4 to 12 people.
  • They have features such as a weather-sealed door, reflective white gel-coat interior, molded-in seating, non-skid step carpeting, and easy-open door system.
  • A limited lifetime warranty is offered on our tornado shelter installations.

Safe Rooms

  • They are available in multiple sizes, including 4’x4’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, and custom dimensions.
  • Standard features include 3/16” steel construction, 2” tubular interior framing, non-locking door handle, and high-strength dead-bolt lock.
  • Deluxe options include 1/4” steel construction, 3 high-strength dead bolt locks on the door, and emergency battery backup lighting.

* Each safe room is constructed to meet or exceed all applicable FEMA and National Storm Shelter Association requirements.

Why wait until it’s too late?

Tri-State will have your new tornado shelter or safe room installed as quickly as possible so that your family can be prepared to weather the storm. Contact Tri-State Water, Power & Air today for more information about our tornado shelters and safe rooms. Why Wait! 877-301-7693

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