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Premium Water Softener Systems Installed in Bartlett, TN

Water Softener Bartlett TN

Are you stuck buying bottled water and using filtration pitchers because the tap water in your Bartlett, Tennessee, home has a bad taste and odor? Do you notice a grimy feeling on your skin after bathing and rapid soap scum buildup in your bathtubs? Do clothes come out of the laundry feeling stiff and dishes come out of the washer covered in mineral spots? If so, then hard water, which has an abundance of calcium, magnesium, and other deposits, is probably the culprit. However, if you call Tri-State Water, Power, and Air to install a water softener, you can rid your home of hard water once and for all.

Since 1992, Tri-State Water, Power, and Air has been the go-to source for water softener systems in Bartlett. We provide a value for our customers’ investments that our competitors can’t match thanks to our commitment to providing only top-of-the-line products, expert installations, and exceptional service. For example, our products are from the trusted manufacturer RainSoft and are backed with a lifetime warranty to provide our customers with peace of mind. We also only employ highly trained and experienced technicians to ensure all installations are performed according to best practices.

We also make it easy for you to address any issues you have with your water softener for as long as you own your home. Simply call us, and we’ll handle the problem as quickly as possible.

Why wait? Contact Tri-State Water, Power, and Air today to get a free water test at your home in Bartlett, TN, and learn more about our water softener systems.

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