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A Water Softener Will Put an End to Hard Water in Your Edwardsville, IL, Home Once and for All

Water Softener Edwardsville IL

A water softener is an excellent option if you are experiencing the frustrating effects of hard water in your Edwardsville, Illinois, home. Are you stuck spending hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water because your tap produces discolored, bad-tasting, or foul-smelling water? Do your dishes and flatware come out of the dishwasher covered in cloudy spots? Do showers leave you feeling as if you’ve been coated in a thin, grimy film? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then hard water, which has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium, is almost certainly to blame.

At Tri-State Water, Power, and Air, we can put an end to the hassle of hard water in your Edwardsville, IL, home by installing a premium water softener. Our softener systems virtually eliminate calcium, magnesium, and other contaminants, leaving pure water that tastes great and is noticeably superior at cleaning everything from your skin to your laundry.

Why turn to Tri-State for your water softener system? Consider that we:

  • Provide a complimentary water test to determine the exact cause of the water-related issues you’re experiencing
  • Offer a wide range of premium water softeners from industry leader RainSoft, along with expert advice about which system will best meet your unique needs
  • Provide installation service from factory-trained technicians who will ensure your system is working exactly as it should before leaving your home
  • Pass along a lifetime product warranty from RainSoft and gladly provide service from our expert technicians in the event that you experience an issue with your water softener

For more information about the advantages of turning to Tri-State Water, Power, and Air to install a water softener in your Edwardsville, IL, home, contact us today.

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