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Eliminate Hard Water in Your Texarkana, TX, Home with a Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter Texarkana, TX

Water that is rich with minerals is called hard water, and while it is not harmful to anyone’s health, it can cause a number of irritating problems for homeowners in Texarkana, Texas. Perhaps the most common among these problems is bad-tasting and -smelling tap water, which can’t be used for drinking and cooking. Tri-State Water, Power, and Air offers top-of-the-line whole house water filter systems that eliminate the vast majority of these minerals, allowing our customers to get fresh-tasting water straight from the top.

Enjoy Better Quality Water for as Long as You Own Your Home

Tri-State’s water softeners come from the respected manufacturer RainSoft and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Once we install your whole house water filter, you’ll never have to worry about hard water again. Additionally, our water softeners come with a variety of advanced features to ensure worry-free operation year after year. These include:

  • An energy-efficient power supply to prevent increased energy costs
  • Failsafe components to stop overflows from occurring
  • Self-cleaning valves that maintain proper water pressure
  • And more

Professional Installation and Service

Tri-State’s team of experienced technicians are factory-trained, so you can rest assured your water filter will be installed according to best practices. Additionally, if you ever encounter a problem with your water softener, you won’t have to wonder who to call to honor the warranty. Tri-State will be there to provide any service you might require in the future.

Are you ready to enjoy water the tastes and cleans better in your Texarkana, TX, home? Contact Tri-State Water, Power, and Air for a free water test and to learn more about our whole house water filter systems.

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